A “dated” looking history educational app getting its makeover

Zuuber app overview


Zuuber is an educational app that focuses on history summaries in both written and audio formats. The founder's intent is to redirect some time spent on social media to bite-size history learning that is fun & entertaining.

My Role

Sole Designer

Style Guide

UI/UX Design

The Problems

Zuuber app wanted to improve the look & feel as well as the overall user experience before growing its audience, so the founder came to me for help. After learning about the Zuuber app's goal & intention and watching the user testing videos, I've concluded these three major problems to address

  • How Might We enhance user's learning experience with visual to spark fun & delight while providing the professional & trustworthy aspect of the app?
  • How Might We help the user to learn history during their free time in a constructed way?
  • How Might We incentivizes the user to continue learning more?
Zuuber app's original look
The original Zuuber app

Step 1 - The Look & Feel

Due to the goal & tight deadline of the project, the color scheme and onboarding flow revisit was prioritized, so the design starts off with the colored mockup to communicate the visual difference with minor adjustment on the onboarding flow.

Primary Goals of Redesign

Easy to navigate

Focus on learning

Make it lightweight & modern

Zuuber onboarding flow part 1Zuuber onboarding flow part 2
Onboarding flow: the founder was very pleased with the result, he immediately approved the 1st draft.

Step 2 - Address the UX Problems

Zuuber categories flowZuuber topic detail and quiz modal
The updated categories flow - easier for the user to get a glance and navigate between all the categories.

I grouped all the categories into a landing page so it’s easier for the user to discover different categories. Then the user can read or listen to the individual topics within each category.

With the intention of constructive learning, individual topics will unlock as the user progress. It provides a sense of achievement which encourages the user to continue learning.

Zuuber leaderboard and profile screen
The updated leaderboard design

The leaderboard got a major makeover, the user’s points & rank are highlighted on top. And they can now spot themselves easily in the table.

The profile page also got a facelift. It not only provides stats but also stores all the badges the user earned via completing quizzes. The user can also view their overall progression here.


Zuuber is currently going through fundraising with the new design aiming to grow its audience and content. I’ve specifically designed the app to be scalable and can adopt potential growth for the up & coming content. Hopefully, we’ll soon see more well-written history summaries added to the app.

Overall, Zuuber was a fun freelance project during my free time. It broadens my industry experience to educational & audio type apps. I feel proud and find it very meaningful to be able to contribute to a small startup company with a good cause.

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